G'Day Fellow ToolBookers :-)

Welcome to my site designed specifically for ToolBook developers.  I have been working with ToolBook for over six years since ToolBook version 1.5.  I very much enjoy sharing what I have learned with fellow ToolBookers.

I am a big fan of ToolBook because I have been able to do some amazing things with it.  Over the years I have learned and developed techniques that help me in both the development and deployment of ToolBook applications.  I have had to learn how to efficiently and effectively use ToolBook because typically I work alone bearing total responsibility for a project from beginning to end.  The techniques I have developed enable me to quickly and relatively painlessly develop applications with significantly reduced opportunities for bugs. 

My goal with this site is to make it a trusted and well-used resource for ToolBook developers - both newcomers and those of us who have been using ToolBook for several years.  Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome.  Either e-mail me a quick note or complete the site feedback form.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

About Peter Jackson and Nirvana Bound Pty Ltd

I haven't always been in programming and development, but fortunately my career path has led me to something that I truly love doing.  My experience early on in manufacturing as a Production Engineer, Materials Controller, Purchasing Manager, and Factory Manager gave me an appreciation for the practical side of software development.  By that I mean that the program is the means and not the end.  While there are all kinds of fun and exciting things that can be done with programming, I focus on practical features and functionality that enhance and compliment the primary purpose of the program. 

For several years I worked exclusively with the Australian Army developing CBT for them using ToolBook.  Developing this training was an exciting challenge for me.  Not only did I have to develop training that would keep 18 to 20 year olds interested and engaged, but they were learning skills that could mean the difference between life and death.  I used a lot of 3D animations and virtual reality to achieve the training objectives.  The most important aspect of the work I did with the Australian Army, however, is that it was designed so that I could easily and quickly develop new courses following the same format.  That required a well thought-out naming scheme and an interface that was easy to change, but that gave a completely different look to the program.  This aspect of program development is overlooked sometimes, but it is essential to reducing errors and being able to rapidly deploy new applications.  

I now work with ToolBook developers around the world on specific, focused projects as well as on longer term consulting assignments for both native and web-deployed projects.  I also provide ToolBook training for Click2Learn Australia.  Between projects I develop tools for fellow ToolBookers.

Contact Information

Address:  7 Mill Hill, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444  Australia
Phone:  612 6581-4512
Fax:     612 6581-4511

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