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About this FreeBee

This FreeBee comes from Richard Kilmer and his development team at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.  This is a great example of how to create a crossword puzzle using ToolBook.  There are two examples:  One with audio and the other without.  It is only available for ToolBook 2004 SP1.  Many thanks to Richard and his team for this generous contribution.  As Richard puts it, "Because we are a US government agency, we do not charge tax payers for our work because you have already paid for it."

By the way, this book is also a great example of using a strict naming convention and how that naming convention can then be used to do some creative OpenScript programming.

How Does This FreeBee Work?

This is an example of how you can create a crossword puzzle using OpenScript.  Someone with OpenScript experience should be able to follow this as an example and create a crossword puzzle with your own words and clues.  Because this crossword puzzle is built using OpenScript, it will not work when exported.  If someone gets creative and converts Richard's native crossword puzzle to Action Script for web deployment we would be happy to offer that version on this site as well. 

Interested in Learning How to Create Other Games in ToolBook?

Richard and his team have developed a number of games to stimulate interest in language learning.  If you think that this crossword puzzle is cool, you won't want to miss Richard's TBCon 2005 presentation titled, "A Showcase of Games."  Here's a brief description: 

Come see an assortment of games designed to stimulate interest in language learning. Games include tic-tac-toe (where the students play against an intelligent computer), word search, crossword puzzles with and without audio cues, a concentration-type game, combat training, spell the word (Wheel of Fortune), and others.

Sounds like it will be a popular one!

FreeBee Details

  • Developed in ToolBook v8.9 SP 1 (TB 2004 SP1). 
  • For Native ToolBook deployment only.
  • if you have problems with the audio - go into the resources and re-link the audio files.

Features of Native ToolBook Crossword Puzzle

  • A great example of how to create a crossword puzzle with ToolBook OpenScript.
  • Includes the option to provide text or text and audio clues.
  • It's free!!!

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Native ToolBook Crossword Puzzle

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