What FreeBees are Available?

All of the FreeBees are listed at the left :-)  Click here for the latest FreeBee Newsletter.

What's a FreeBee?

It's just that...something free :-)  Sometimes it might be OpenScript code to add certain functionality to ToolBook.  Other times it might be a widget or tool that you can add to your catalog.  Other times it might be a sample ToolBook that demonstrates how to achieve a certain result or a discussions paper describing a ToolBook related subject.

What Are the Restrictions on Using FreeBees?

The purpose of the FreeBees is to give fellow Toolbookers helpful code and tools that they can use in their own ToolBook development.  That means that unless otherwise stated in the FreeBee license, you are free to use the FreeBee in your ToolBook development.  Each FreeBee will come with a license telling you what you can and cannot do with it.


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