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Simulation Function Keys

Do you have applications that use function keys that you need to simulate? As you probably know, the simulation object can not simulate all of the function keys. Enter the Simulation Function Keys Object :-)

How Does This FreeBee Work?

Well unlike my other FreeBees and definitely nothing like my products this FreeBee is just for ToolBook version 8.5/6.  However, after you download the FreeBee you can scriptwalk it to TB8.9 (2004) if you like:-)

Then all you do is open the book and select the FunctionKeys group and add it to your Catalog - Simple:-)

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

After you have added the Function Keys group to your catalog you can drag and drop it onto the ToolBook page - simple:-)

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

Again very Simple :-) In is the FreeBee documentation:  Once added to the page you may change the default text under the actual function keys, or delete the field altogether. Each of the function key buttons are named F1, F2, etc and each button has an "On user ..." event.  This Action will allow you to "Flash" the given button. To do this you need the following action: Send User event to Button "F3" with value "ShowMe" Isn't that simple?

What this will do is cause the button to be pressed twice, so the button will go down, up, down and the up again - cool:-) The following is what the function keys look like with the F3 key down:

Why I Developed the FreeBee

To help fellow ToolBookers.  This is really not hard to program and should be available in the standard ToolBook catalog anyway.

FreeBee Details

Developed in ToolBook v8.5, if you need it in v8.9 (2004) then just use the scriptwalker:-)

Features of Simulation Function Keys

  • Allows you to add a good looking set of function keys to your simulation.
  • Includes "On user..." events to highlight a given function key for Demonstration and/or Practise Modes.
  • It's free!!!

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Simulation Function Keys

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