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G'Day from Downunder :-)

 Welcome to Peter Jackson's site for ToolBook Developers.

Here you will find lots of Free Tools and Add-On Products that will enhance your ToolBook programs whilst making development easier.

FreeBees and Add-On Products Available

All ToolBookDeveloper products are extremely easy to use, come with full support and upgrades for those with a support agreement in place when new TBK versions are released.

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Product/ FreeBee What It Does


Web-Based Learning Management System

EspritLMS The Toolbook Developer's answer to a simple and  affordable, yet powerful Learning Management System.

Many Options

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Enhanced Catalog Objects

Quiz Randomizer Create quizzes that randomly select X item from each category, include mandatory questions, and randomize all questions within the quiz. $249
Progress Bar Widget Easily add a progress bar to your native and dhtml projects. $75
Popup Message Box Add an attractive, beveled framed message box in seconds. $75
Question Feedback Widgets Add visual feedback to your multiple choice and true-false questions easily - even to existing projects without having to rework the questions! $149
PopText Widget It's like adding pages within ToolBook pages complete with navigation for more content and interactivity. $149
Audio Player Widget Move your audio player to the background and set-up your playlist for each page in the special record filed. $149

ToolBook Utilities

ToolBook Preloader Enhance users web-based learning experience by adding html page and graphics Pre-Loading functionality to your programs. $249
Esprit-LMS Widget Easy to use, catalog object for integrating ToolBook Projects with Esprit-LMS (Learning Management System).


Included with


AXF to DHTML Modify your AXF file and then convert your project, but using the modified AXF file.  Great for quick fixes. FREE!

How To's and Training

ToolBook Upgrade Tips Tips on how to upgrade from one version of ToolBook to another. FREE!
Better Message Boxes in DHTML Using VBScript and Javascript you can finally have control over Windows message boxes.  FREE!
Methods Actions Add Methods Actions functionality to the Actions Editor. FREE!
Cookies in DHTML How to set cookies on your user's machine from exported ToolBook Projects. FREE!
Popup Windows in DHTML Control the way that windows get popped up in your Exported ToolBook projects. FREE!
10 Things that Every ToolBook Developer Must Know A great list of ToolBook tips and resources for beginners and experts alike.  A quick read and well worth the 5 minutes you will spend on it. FREE!
Native ToolBook Crossword Puzzle This is a great example of how to create a crossword puzzle using ToolBook. FREE!
Execute Scripts Expand functionality of dhtml courses by integrating Javascript functions.  This FreeBee Quick course will should you how and will provide you with many code examples that you can copy and implement in your projects. FREE!

Retired Products - These Products are No Longer Available

Action Trigger Widgets FREEBEE Add depth and interest to your pages with these special Action Trigger Widgets that enable you to easily create simple and effective Popup Widgets. N/A
Simulation Function Keys FREEBEE If you have applications that use function keys that you need to simulate this widget will give you a way to simulate function keys. N/A
DHTML Batch Exporter FREEBEE Automate exporting multiple ToolBook projects so that it can be done unattended overnight. N/A
Rotate Objects FREEBEE Use this nifty tool to rotate ToolBook Objects. N/A
Add HTML Code FREEBEE An easy-to-use interface to add html code into exported ToolBook projects. N/A
Add a JavaScript Reference FREEBEE An easy-to-use interface to add a javascript reference to your exported ToolBook projects. N/A
Taquin Question Object Make your quiz and test questions more interesting, challenging, and instructional. N/A
Power Book Builder Convert PowerPoints into ToolBooks in a matter of minutes! N/A
Quiz Summarizer The Quiz Summarizer will give your learners specific and detailed feedback on the results of their quiz. Learners will know exactly which questions were answered correctly and which were wrong. N/A
Grid Question Object Grid Questions are a great way to add interactivity to your revision (exercise) pages and to your quizzes. N/A
Better Navigation Widgets Add better definable automatic menus to your ToolBook applications. N/A
Simulation Menu Builder Easily create menus for simulations right in ToolBook - Quickly and Easily. N/A