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Here are links to some great resources that are either directly or indirectly related to Toolbook or that I feel would be of interest to fellow ToolBookers.  If you have other suggestions for links, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Links Directly Related to Toolbook - The official ToolBook Site from SumTotal Systems, developers of ToolBook.  Check out the Knowledge Base when you have a tough ToolBook problem.  You just might find your answer.  Another excellent resource at the Click2Learn site is the Developers Exchange Tools - Time-saving development tools that you can access on-line or that you can download and store locally. Visit the Download page for patches to the current shipping versions.  Download page for Neuron the ToolBook Plug-In.  Neuron is a browser plug-in or ActiveX control that enables a Web browser to play a ToolBook II Instructor or Assistant file (TBK file). Using Neuron and a Web browser, you can take advantage of the full feature set available in TBK files over the Internet.

EspritLMS - A powerful yet affordable LMS available in many different hosted options.  I am one of the co-developers of EspritLMS.

Platte Canyon - An excellent resource for ToolBook Add-on Products that make development easier. 

TBCon - The premier annual event for ToolBook developers.  Held every summer in Colorado Springs and hosted by Platte Canyon.

ToolBook ListServe - The virtual gathering place for ToolBook developers.  An excellent resource because the folks in the ToolBook community are such great and helpful group of people.   Check out the archives first to see if others have had similar questions.  You might find that it is faster to search the archives through Google. - For those who remember Denny Dedmore's, Denny is back with a new and improved site.  For those who don't know, Denny works in Click2Learn technical support. - A fantastic resource for all of the latest ToolBook news.  This site was  conceived and is maintained by Simon Price, who all ToolBookers have to thank for the ToolBook 8 Catalog!

TCC Publishing - Tom Hall's website.  Tom is a well-respected member of the ToolBook community and has made significant contributions with his ToolBook reference guides beginning with ToolBook version 1.5 up through the current version 8.5 of ToolBook.

Sound Source Studios - Hassle-Free Professional Audio that is very affordable.  Gary Connolly will do some sample audios for you of your own narration script.  Gary has done work for several ToolBook Developers and will convert your files into whatever format you need.

ToolBook Talk - ToolBook Forums include Discussions, Jobs, and User Groups.

Toolbook WebRing

Links Indirectly Related to Toolbook

Protection Plus - Copy protection program that can be integrated with ToolBook.  I can help you integrate Protection Plus with your ToolBook projects.

Flash - The official site for MacroMedia Flash.

Microsoft Agent

Official Microsoft Site for the MS Agent - Start here to learn more about MS Agent.  I can help you integrate the MS Agent with your ToolBook project.

MS Agent WebRing

Other Links of Interest - Platte Canyon's series of products that are built on top of Microsoft's new .NET initiative. Their offerings are designed to make it easier to create high-quality training applications in Visual Basic® .NET.

Diamond Scheduler - John Hall of ToolBook ListServe fame developer this program using ToolBook.  The Diamond Scheduler is a scheduling program that allows you to create season schedules for sports leagues.  A neat application and good example of the versatility of ToolBook. 

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