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What are Bargain Bundles?

Bargain bundles are grouping of add-on products that when purchased as a bundle will save you money.  Just like the rules at your favourite diner - no substitutions please.  Also, quantity discounts are not applied to bundles.

Question Objects Bundle

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This is a great deal on 3 tools that will make your quizzes and exercises more interactive, more interesting, but most important, more effective.

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Grid Question Object

Easily create complex questions and provide visual feedback.  Grid Questions are a great way to add interactivity to your revision (exercise) pages and to your quizzes. They allow you to add a level of depth and complexity to questions that is often difficult to achieve with basic multiple choice questions. Yet, grid questions are no more difficult to design and configure than standard multiple choice question objects... providing you use the Grid Question Widget.


Question Feedback Wrapper

Show the correct answer along with the selected answer for multiple choice and true/false questions.  In addition to assessing competence, quizzes can be powerful learning tools when combined with question-by-question feedback. With ToolBook adding text and audio feedback to question objects is fairly easy. What is not easy is providing visual feedback on the right and wrong selected answers in Multiple Choice and True-False Questions. Now you can easily provide that feedback - not only with future projects, but you can VERY easily rework existing projects as well.


Taquin Question Object

Are you tired of standard question objects? Do you want to add some fun to your training? With Taquin Question Object™ you can add a whole new dimension to your training and best of all, it won't take you days or even hours to do it! Taquin Question Object is a unique question type that provides a combination of Multiple Choice, Ordered List and Match Item type questions. Unlike a static question object that provides limited interaction and feedback.


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