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What are ToolBookDeveloper Tools?

Over the years I have developed a number of tools that I use in my own development activities or that I have developed for my clients to use in development.  These tools have taken many hours/days/weeks to develop. 

Because these tools could be of interest to others in the ToolBook community, at the encouragement of some of my clients, I am making them available in a generic, all-purpose format.  I am offering these tools at a price much lower than it would cost for a similar tool to be custom-developed.  Most of the tools will work in both Instructor and Assistant.  And, best of all, none of these tools require OpenScript :-)  I have done all of that for you.

Unlike my FreeBee tools, these tools are much more comprehensive, they required significantly more programming, and they come with full support for one year and at a very reasonable price after that :-) 

Here is what just one customer has to say...

Peter Jackson's Toolbook tools allow me to quickly deliver high-quality engaging learning solutions to my customers without having to spend hours upon hours doing manual programming. In the six months I've been using his tools I've gone from a Toolbook disbeliever to a provider of e-learning solutions to Global 75 companies. There is a direct connection between Peter's tools and my success on a daily basis.

~Dan Kazup

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