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  • Create attractive and professional buttons right in ToolBook - Quickly and Easily.

  • Break the one text line barrier that you have with standard ToolBook buttons.

  • Make the buttons whatever color you wish and make them different colors for each of the button states (normal, inverted, disabled, and checked).

  • Customize the caption text so that it is different colors, fonts, sizes etc.

  • The possibilities are endless!

Multi-Line Button Builder

Attractive buttons can mean the difference between an amateur or a professional ToolBook product.  But, standard ToolBook functionality can be quite limiting when it comes to buttons.  The only alternative, creating the buttons outside of ToolBook, can be time consuming and still does not guarantee a professional appearance.  These limitations are a thing of the past now with the Multi-Line Button Builder.

With the Multi-Line Button Builder tool you can create attractive and professional buttons while working right in your ToolBook application.  That is why this is a "must have" tool for every multimedia ToolBook developer.

Below is a button created with the Button Builder.  Notice the gradient shading that gives the button a dimensional look.  Check out the two lines of text for the caption.  And, uncheck the "enabled" box to see the "disabled" state button that was also created with the Button Builder.
Try it:


What is the Multi-Line Button Builder?

The Multi-Line Button Builder is a ToolBook program that will create images for the four standard ToolBook button states - normalGraphic, invertGraphic, disabledGraphic and checkedGraphic.
When launched via Developers Exchange it will even create the button and apply the graphics in your ToolBook application.

Why Do I Need the Multi-Line Button Builder?

  1. Attractive and Professional Buttons  If you want to create attractive and professional buttons that match your interface and program look and feel this is the easiest way to do it.
  2. Break the One-Line Button Barrier  If you are frustrated with the one-line limitation for captions of standard ToolBook buttons, the Button Builder will shatter that one-line barrier.
  3. No Programming Required  All of the programming work has been done for you. You just open up the Button Builder as a Developer's Exchange Tool and start creating your buttons!  To create this type of a button building system on your own would take you days or probably weeks - that's what it took me to create the widget.
  4. Rapid ROI  The Multi-Line Button Builder will pay for itself in your first project.  After that it is saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

How Does the Multi-Line Button Builder Work During Development?

The Multi-Line Button Builder is easy to use during development. When launched via Developers Exchange it will create the button and apply the graphics. 

This is the main screen where you can see and interact with the button that will be created.

Below you see the dialog for the caption which gives us complete control over the caption text -go ahead...make it as loooong as you want :-).

If you already have a set of graphics for the various button states, GREAT!  You can use those buttons and still have the ability to create a Multi-Line Caption.  The dialog box below shows how you would assign existing graphics and change button properties using the tool.

If you don't already have graphics for your buttons - all the better.  The next dialog allows you to create simple one color button graphics, but with nice shading to give them a 3-D look.  You are in complete control of the colors.

Below you see the Caption Colors pallet where we can assign a different color for the various button states.

Finally, below you see the Save Images dialog.  Notice that you have complete control of the file format, destination, etc. including the ability to select which button state you wish to create.

Who Developed the Multi-Line Button Builder?

I am the creator of the Multi-Line Button Builder. On the many consulting projects I have found that creating graphical buttons to suit the interface to be very time consuming.  Using the Multi-Line Button Builder I can save many hours.  I'm sure that you will find that the product will pay for itself in no time at all.

Multi-Line Button Builder Features

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Allows you to create four images used in the standard button states.

  • Allows you to specify what base graphic to use for each of the button states.

  • You can even create your own base graphics to match your interface motif.

Multi-Line Button Builder™ Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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