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Turn your SME's PowerPoint storyboards into ToolBook projects in minutes!

How will Power Book Builder work for you? Send us your PowerPoint (up to 50 pages) and we will convert it for FREE so you can see Power Book Builder in Action!  Click here to submit your request.

Do you want to see Power Book Builder in Action?  Check out the January 2005 SumTotal Systems Webinar that featured Power Book Builder as a key to Rapid Development.  Click here to get the recording. 

Questions?  Call toll free in the US and Canada 888-496-3538 or outside of the US and Canada 802-496-3538 or e-mail Robin and Peter

NOW AVAILABLE!  Power Book Builder version 1.4. 

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Finally!  The magic button you have been looking for :-) is all about better and faster ToolBook Development and we think that we have really outdone ourselves this time:-)  With Power Book Builder you will be able to rapidly develop ToolBook projects, increase your productivity, and substantially reduce QA time.  Say good-bye to ToolBook copy-paste-copy-paste and say hello to error free PowerPoint to ToolBook conversions.  And, we are not just talking text!  Graphics, hyperlinks, and your narration script all get converted too.   Power Book Builder will reduce your ToolBook development time by 80% to 90%. 

Do you use lots of ToolBook Question Objects?  Questions can be time consuming and are prone to errors that require testing to uncover the mistakes.  But, not with Power Book Builder!  Just use the Special Power Book Builder objects in your PowerPoint and when your ToolBook gets built the question objects do too.  Proof everything in PowerPoint and you can be confident that you ToolBook project will be right the first time. 

And, what about your Subject Matter Experts?  Using PowerPoint as a storyboard tool gives your SMEs a WYSIWYG content development platform.  You are not left trying to figure out how to put 1000 words of text onto an 800X600 screen.  It will be readily apparent to your SME that the content needs to be spread over several pages.  And the best thing is that they will actually be doing a lot of the layout work for you!

Whether you have a slew of existing PowerPoints to convert into ToolBook or you were looking for the magic button to convert SME storyboards into ToolBook courses in minutes - look no farther! 

Power Book Builder™ Price

$995 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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