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Turn your SME's powerpoint storyboards into ToolBook projects in minutes!

How will Power Book Builder work for you? Send us your PowerPoint (up to 50 pages) and we will convert it for FREE so you can see Power Book Builder in Action!  Click here to submit your request.

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NOW AVAILABLE!  Power Book Builder version 1.3. 

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Power Book Builder Features

  • Extremely easy-to-learn and use PowerPoint Storyboard for your SMEs.  Experienced PowerPoint users will be up and running in minutes.  Non-PowerPoint users will have a very short learning curve.  

  • Rapid ToolBook development with substantially less opportunities for error and need for Quality Control.  Cut development time by 70 to 85%.

  • A fully documented PowerPoint Storyboard.ppt and PowerPoint catalog.ppt.

    • The PowerPoint catalog includes items such as question objects that make it easy to convert all of the standard ToolBook question object options from PowerPoint to ToolBook (e.g. Unlimited answers, nominate which is correct, enter immediate or delayed feedback, etc. These convert directly to ToolBook question objects.)

  • A customizable ToolBook catalog of tools and pre-converted AutoShape objects.  Simply customize to your theme prior to conversion and the objects, when imported into ToolBook, will have your "look and feel."

  • Full control over interface design just like any other ToolBook project.  You determine the size, design, navigation panel motif, and colors via the use of a pre-designed ToolBook Template.

  • Numerous options for converting pictures.  You decide if you want to convert them into a ToolBook resource or use a Web Graphics Placeholder.  You even have the option to auto convert to Paint objects.

  • PowerPoint Action Buttons are converted to ToolBook buttons and hyperlinking to slides and URLs are converted to ToolBook hyperlinks. This is true for all objects, not just buttons.  (i.e. An Action Button on slide 3 that hyperlinks to slide 30 in PowerPoint will convert to a button on page 3 that will hyperlink to page 30 in ToolBook.)

  • "Slide Image" Widget Option produces slide images that in conjunction with your ToolBook will display the appropriate slide image for the current ToolBook page - assists in proofing.

  • Text on the PowerPoint Notes page is saved as userProperties in the ToolBook page and in conjunction with a Power Book Builder Widget can be displayed in both reader and author level. Typically this is where the SME will provide detailed programming instructions and/or audio narration text.

  • Ability to produce a separate text file for audio narration.

  • Your ToolBook pages get named during the conversion process according to your specifications.  You may choose to:

    • Use the slide title

    • Use the slide name

    • Use the slide number

    • Use a consecutive number

      • When numbers are used there is an option to apply a prefix and pad the number with zeros.
        e.g. SME_001
        Here the prefix is "SME_" and pad the number to a length of three.

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Features of all ToolBookDeveloper Products

  • Fully documented.

  • Easy to use.

  • Full technical support.

  • Free upgrades with new versions of ToolBook with the annual support and upgrade agreement.

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