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ToolBook Takes Third Place the PowerPoint to e-Learning Shootout - Thanks to Power Book Builder!

October 14, 2004  ToolBook placed third in interactivity at the PowerPoint to e-Learning Shootout at the Training Fall/On-line Learning Conference in San Francisco on October 13, 2004.  Robin McDermott did the conversion using Power Book Builder.  Robin was assisted by Denny Dedmore and Tomas Lund from SumTotal Systems. We fully converted a PowerPoint presentation into a ToolBook AND deployed it to the web in less than 20 minutes! The PowerPoint included several interactive elements such as question that Power Book Builder converted perfectly into ToolBook question objects, buttons that link to external webpages, and progressive disclosure slides. 

Click here to see original PowerPoint from the Shootout.

Click here to see the prepped PowerPoint that was ready to go through conversion - this prepping took less than 6 minutes!  (You will see that we added special question fields that enable the questions to convert directly into ToolBook Questions.)

The Results (what did other competitors do?)  Many of the competitors created static, time-line based presentations whereas we were able to create a flexible, media rich interactive training session because we were using the power of ToolBook. Power Book Builder simply converts each element in the PowerPoint (text, graphics, hyperlinks, etc) into corresponding ToolBook objects. Once the PowerPoint is in ToolBook you have the benefit of a high end authoring system - that allows you to do just about anything you need to do to achieve your instructional objectives. What we produced in the allotted 20 minute time period just touched the surface of ToolBooks capabilities whereas I got the sense that we were seeing the full (and fairly limited) capabilities of the competition's products.

Click here to see the final product in the exported format.

We were surprised at the interest level of participants in the Shootout sessions. Apparently a lot more people than we realized have legacy PowerPoint content to convert into e-Learning or are using PowerPoint as a storyboarding tool. With Power Book Builder and ToolBook we were able to show the training community that just because you use PowerPoint for initial content development you don't have to settle for page turner training with limited interactivity.

For more information on the shootout go to:

Click here for more information on Power Book Builder.

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