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  • Add audio feedback to your questions - Quickly and Easily.

  • Eliminate the boring "Well done" over and over again.

  • Randomized Correct Answer, Wrong Answer and Wrong Answer Try Again feedback audio for all ToolBook questions.

  • 46 professionally produced audio files in mp3 format.

  • Incredibly easy to implement!

Question Audio Feedback Widgets

Question audio feedback is great way to provide audio feedback queues to your revision (exercise) and quiz questions.

See the Question Audio Feedback in action - This demonstrates how this widget works.

What are the Question Audio Feedback Widgets?

The Question Audio Feedback Widgets is a set of ToolBook Widgets that are available via the ToolBook catalog.  I say widget*s* because there are actually are two types.  The first is used in conjunction with my Audio Player Widget and will automatically play the appropriate audio file.  The second Widget is exactly same.  However you control how to play the appropriate audio file.  Yes that's right!  If you have your own method for playing audio files then you don't need anything else:-)

The Widgets will play a random list of audio files.  This way your learners will not hear the same "Well done!" all of the time!

But wait there's more ;-)  You not only get these great Widgets but I will supply "Steak knives" - just kidding:-).  But wait there is (actually) more (and I'm not kidding).  With the the Question Audio Feedback Widgets you will get 46 professionally produced audio files.  There are 23 male and 23 female audios providing you with:

  • CAF - Correct Answer Feedback

    • Good Job

    • Thatís Right

    • Youíre Correct

    • Well Done

    • Youíre Right

    • Fantastic

    • You Got That One Right

    • Great

    • You Did It

  • WAF - Wrong Answer Feedback

    • Sorry

    • No, Thatís Not Quite Right

    • Unfortunately, Thatís Wrong

    • Good Try, But Thatís Not Quite Correct

    • Nope, Sorry

    • Thatís Not The Right Answer

    • Thatís Incorrect

    • Thatís The Wrong Answer

    • Sorry. Thatís Not Right

  • WAFTA - Wrong Answer Feedback, Try Again

    • Nope, Sorry, One More Try and Youíll Have It

    • Thatís Incorrect, Give It Another Shot

    • Unfortunately, Thatís Wrong, Try Again

    • Sorry. Thatís Not Right , Youíre sure To Get It Right Next Time

    • Thatís The Wrong Answer, Try It One More Time

These audio files have been created by Gary Connolly of SoundSource Studios.  Gary is well known to the ToolBook community and has done lots of work for fellow ToolBookers.  With the Widget you get a worldwide royalty free distribution too (be sure to read the audio disclaimer below for details).  Note that these 46 audio files alone would normally sell for between $50 and $70!!!

Audio Disclaimer:

You are given full permission to use the audio associated with this software, as you see fit, for electronic purposes only, which are limited to Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT), or Network Based Training (NBT) programs only. This permission is granted for full global usage. Reproduction of the voice clips for any other purpose, other than CBT, WBT, or NBT is strictly prohibited, unless permission is given by the voicing artists, who still retain full copyrights.

Why Do I Need the Question Audio Feedback Widgets?

  1. Add audio feedback queues to your revision and quiz questions  To enhance the learning experience and add an additional level of interest to your programs.
  2. Randomized audio feedback  Tired of the same old "Well done!"  Your learners probably are too!  Now you can provide different feedback each time a question is answered.
  3. No Programming Required  All of the programming work has been done for you. You just drag and drop a widget to the background of your ToolBook project!  To create this type of a question audio feedback system on your own would take you days or probably weeks - that's what it took me to create the widget.
  4. 46 professionally pre-recorded audio files   These files are supplied with this product and come with their own copyright disclaimer providing you with world wide distribution rights - in simple plain English ...
  5. Rapid ROI  The Question Audio Feedback Widget will pay for itself in your first project.  After that it is saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

How Does the Question Audio Feedback Widget Work During Development?

The Question Audio Feedback Widgets are easy to use during development. Simply drag and drop a Widget to the background of your ToolBook project, define the audio play lists which are already pre-configured to use the 46 audio files supplied with this product, therefore, you don't even need to do this (I like that:-)

This is the main screen where you can select Male, Female or both, maybe you only want a particular gender to suit you program.  You may also need to modify the pre-configured audio play lists, to do this simple click on the "Edit Audio Lists" button.

Below you see the dialog for the 6 different list categories, select an individual category, multiple categories or all.

The following dialog show the "Wrong Answer Try Again" audio list category:

Provided with this product are the Action scripts for your questions, simply "Import" these Action scripts and your all done:-)  There are two type of Actions scripts, the first is for Immediate Feedback questions and is named QuestionAnswered.tba, this is Imported into the "Question Answered ..." event.  The second is named QuestionScored.tba, this is Imported into the "Question Scored ..." event.

Who Developed the Question Audio Feedback Widgets?

I am the creator of the Question Audio Feedback Widgets. On many consulting projects I have found that implementing audio feedback for ToolBook questions is not altogether easy.  This widget is designed to take all of the hassles out of adding audio feedback to your questions.  AND that's not all.  There are 46 professionally produced audio files, played randomly!!  I'm sure that you will find that the product will pay for itself in no time at all.

Question Audio Feedback Widget Features

  • Works with Native ToolBook projects, Neuron deployed projects, and ToolBook DHTML exported projects.

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Three different types of audio play lists:

    • CAF      - Correct Answer Feedback

    • WAF     - Wrong Answer Feedback

    • WAFTA - Wrong Answer Feedback, Try Again

  • Optional Male and/or Female play list in the above three types, that's 6 categories.

  • Allows you to include your own audio files in the 6 different categories.

Question Audio Feedback Widgetô Price

$49 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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