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Visual Feedback for ToolBook Question Objects

In addition to assessing competence, quizzes can be powerful learning tools when combined with question-by-question feedback.  With ToolBook adding text and audio feedback to question objects is fairly easy.  What is not easy is providing visual feedback on the right and wrong selected answers in Multiple Choice and True-False Questions.  Now you can easily provide that feedback - not only with future projects, but you can VERY easily wrap existing projects as well.

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The Importance of Good Question Feedback

So...What Exactly are the Question Feedback Widgets?

The best way to to show you.  Here is your basic Multiple Choice Question object with delayed feedback.

OK, so which answers are right and which are wrong?  Maybe you have tackled this in the past and added correct and incorrect marks next to each answer that you show upon scoring.  But, it can be a real pain adding this functionality to each question object, it makes it virtually impossible to randomize answers, and it never fails that you forget to hide the correct answer marks for at least one set of questions - right?  Furthermore how do you show that a correct answer that has not been selected is actually wrong?  The following Question Feedback Button Widget will demonstrate just that:

As you can see when the question is scored or show delayed feedback is triggered the learner is presented with not only the text feedback but also visual feedback showing which answers are correct and which are incorrect.  In the above the first option is selected but it is incorrect and the third option is correct, however, it is not selected - voila:-)

What's that?  You also use Multiple Choice Fields object too?  No problem.  Check out how they work with the Question Feedback Field Widget:

The yellow are the items the learner selected.  The items with the Green outline were correctly answered.  The red outline represents item that was incorrectly selected.  The orange outline indicates item that was not selected, but should have been.  Of cause you can change the colors to suit you interface.

There are two Question Feedback Widgets, one is the Question Feedback Button Widget which will show a check mark for correctly selected options and a cross for incorrectly selected options, a cross is also displayed for correct options that have not been selected.  The other is the Question Feedback Field Widget, which displays a base or matt under each of the answer options and the bases will change color to indicate the correct/incorrect options.

Either of the Question Feedback Widgets can be used with any of the standard ToolBook Multiple Choice or True-False question objects.  This means that you can use the Question Feedback Button Widget on Multiple Choice Fields object too.  (and visa-versa:-)

Why Do I Need the Question Feedback Widgets?

  1. You want to be able to provide your learners with visual feedback that instantly and clearly tells them the correct answers to Multiple Choice and True-False questions.
  2. You don't want to spend a whole lot of time programming this powerful functionality.
  3. You see the importance of not just telling your learners that they are right or wrong, but also visually why they are right or wrong.

How Does the Question Feedback Widgets Work During Development?

This is the really cool part about these widgets - it actually is a wrapper to any standard catalog Multiple Choice or True-False question object.  This means that you create you questions using standard catalog objects.  Once you are happy with the way they are working, you "wrap" the question object by dragging one of the Question Feedback Widgets onto the ToolBook page and adding it to the page/background.  This means that you can easily add this great new visual feedback functionality to your Multiple Choice and True-False questions that you have in existing projects.

Below you can see the extended properties for the Question Feedback Widgets.  Looks pretty much like the standard question object extended properties editor, but it has and "Additional" tab where you can further customize the question to suite your needs.

Who Developed the Feedback Question Widgets?

I am the creator of the Feedback Question Widgets.  One of my customers has struggled for years with adding check marks to individual question objects to indicate correct answers.  After developing the grid question for them they asked if I could build similar feedback functionality into Multiple Choice and True-False questions.

Feedback Question Widgets Features

  • Easy to Use Extremely easy to Install.  Once installed, just pop it onto a page that already has a multiple choice or true false question on it and voila! 
  • Great for DHTML Exports with full functionality. Data feeds into a SCORM compliant LMS just like a multiple choice question does.
  • Immediate or Delayed Feedback Just like a multiple choice question object, you determine when to give your learners feedback.
  • Visual Feedback Provides visual color-coded feedback as well as text feedback that you add.
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up Can be set up and running in a matter of minutes.

Feedback Question Widgets™ Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

Also available as part of a Bargain Bundle - Substantial Savings!

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