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  • Create menus for simulations right in ToolBook - Quickly and Easily.

  • Even create cascading menus.

  • Menus can include a "Show Me" highlighter.

  • Also include icons in your menus.

  • Can be used for popup navigation menus, Native or DHTML!

Simulation Menu Builder

Accurate and interactive menus can mean the difference between an amateur simulation and a professional, realistic simulation.  But, the current ToolBook simulation recorder does not have the ability to automate the building of menus. This limitation is a thing of the past now with the Simulation Menu Builder.

With the Simulation Menu Builder tool you can create accurate and interactive menus while working right in your ToolBook application.  That is why this is a "must have" tool for every ToolBooker that develop simulations.
Click here to view a demonstration of the Simulation Menu.

What is the Simulation Menu Builder?

The Simulation Menu Builder is a ToolBook Widget that you drag from the Catalog and drop on your ToolBook page.  The Extended Properties Editor is a program that will create images for the menu. The following image is an example of the ToolBook runtime cascading Text menu, notice how I have a typo (it was an accident, I have intentionally not fixed it so you can see the level of control you have with the menu builder :-)

Why Do I Need the Simulation Menu Builder?

  1. Professional, Realistic Menus  If you want to create interactive and professional menus that match your simulated interface program then this is the easiest way to do it.
  2. Eliminate Frustrating Screen Captures  If you are frustrated with having to repeatedly capture the live menu with the mouse over each option and then having to chop up these images so you have all the appropriate images for all of the options, well here is the answer - no more frustrations.
  3. No Programming Necessary  All of the programming work has been done for you. You just open up the Extended Properties Editor and start creating your menus!  To create this type of a menu building system on your own would take you days or probably weeks - that's what it took me to create the widget.
  4. High Return on Investment  The Simulation Menu Builder will easily pay for itself with your first project. 

How Does the Simulation Menu Builder Work During Development?

The Simulation Menu Builder is easy to use during development. Drag and drop the Sim. Menu Widget onto your page and the Extended Properties Editor will automatically open. 

This is the main screen where you enter the text for each option, here we see the runtime ToolBook View menu.

The following is the menu created from the above inputs:

The image below shows how we can create very complex menus, this is an example of the standard ToolBook Instructor Right Click Menu.  I will be producing some online training for ToolBook Developers and will be using the Simulation object to demonstrate, allow you to practice and subsequently assess your training.  The following menu will be used extensively in my training packages:-)

Who Developed the Simulation Menu Builder?

I am the creator of the Simulation Menu Builder. Actually this product was originally developed in version 6.5 for Native only and was going to be call "Popup Menu Builder."  Recent simulation projects I have worked for fellow ToolBookers have convinced me of the need for the Simulation Menu Builder.  I found that creating menus for the simulated interface is extremely time consuming.  Using the Simulation Menu Builder I can save many hours.  I'm sure that you will find that the product will pay for itself in no time at all.

Simulation Menu Builder Features

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Allows you to create realistic, interactive, and professional menus.

  • Allows you to optionally include icons.

  • Includes a "Show Me" rectangle option for use in "Practice" and "Demonstration" modes.

Simulation Menu Builderô Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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