TBCon 2004


2004 TBCon Presentations

While Peter didn't make the big trip across the pond for this year's TBCon he was definitely there with us in spirit.  The presentations by Robin McDermott were definitely inspired, influenced, and co-developed with Peter.

Rapid and Robust ToolBook Development

Do you wish you could develop ToolBook courses in a fraction of the time that they are currently taking you and at the same time significantly reduces errors and rework? By implementing a structured development process that includes a disciplined and meaningful naming scheme, efficient use of objects and automation of routine tasks you can do just that. In this session, you will learn tips to improve your development process that could reduce development time by up to 80% while reducing rework and quality assurance by 75%.

Rapid and Robust Development Presentation

The Fun Never Stops:  25 Tips for DHTML Deployment

For those of us who have been using ToolBook's DHTML functionality for the past several years, it truly is as simple as pushing the Web Export button. However, there are a lot of tips that we have picked up and nuisances we have learned that enable that `push button` simplicity. If you are a beginner to ToolBook DHTML or currently develop for native ToolBook but are thinking about moving to DHTML in the future, you won't want to miss this session. You will learn 25 of the most important ToolBook DHTML tips that will save you hours and maybe even days of frustration.

25 DHTML Tips Presentation

Product Showcase:  Power Book Builder and Esprit-LMS

In this showcase you will get a first hand look at two powerful products that make it easy to develop, deliver, and deploy e-learning using ToolBook. First, Power Book Builder, an easy-to-use storyboarding and ToolBook automation system that uses Powerpoint for StoryBoarding and then converts to ToolBook into a fully editable and customizable ToolBook with one click of a button. No more copying and pasting - think of the time you will save! Bring an existing powerpoint storyboard with you and we will convert it for free when you attend this session. Next, ESPRIT LMS is a full-service Learning Management System that will allow you to easily manage your web-based training courses at an affordable cost. It is perfect for ToolBook developers who offer off-the-shelf and customized web-based courses as well as small and mid-sized organizations that need to be able to deploy and manage in-house developed WBT.

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