2005 TBCon Presentations

While Peter didn't make the big trip across the pond for this year's TBCon he was definitely there with us in spirit.  The presentations by Robin McDermott were definitely inspired, influenced, and co-developed with Peter.

Rapid Development - Leveraging ToolBook to Quickly Create E-Learning

Why do top e-learning developers chose ToolBook? Ask them and chances are they will say it is because it enables them to develop highly interactive training in a fraction of the time as other authoring tools. But what exactly are their secrets? Simply put, it is custom catalog objects, using OpenScript as an authoring aid, and system books. This session will focus primarily on how you can use OpenScript as an authoring aid. Even if you have never written a line of code, you can use OpenScript and Peter Jackson is going to show you how in this session. Don't let people tell you that you can't use OpenScript if you are exporting your ToolBook projects to the web - instead show them how wrong they are by writing your own code to automate development. Beginners are invited and encouraged to attend.

25 Tips for DHTML Deployment

Don't fall prey to mistakes that others have made with DHTML development. Attend this session and you will learn some of the most common pitfalls made by fellow ToolBookers when they tackled their first few ToolBook projects. More importantly, you will learn secrets from the folks who have been using ToolBook for DHTML deployment for many years now. When you get back to your job, you will be able to immediately apply these 25 tips to speed development, produce more professional programs, and generally make your life as a ToolBook developer easier.

Turbocharging the Actions System with JavaScript and Methods Actions

Are you frustrated with the limitations of the Actions System? You can actually get a lot more functionality out of the Actions System by taking advantage of two powerful additions to the Actions System - Method Actions and Execute Scripts (which opens the door to Native OpenScript and DHTML JavaScript functions). Learn how to incorporate OpenScript and JavaScript into your projects from Peter Jackson who programmed this functionality into ToolBook v8.9 (2005) for SumTotal Systems.

Product Showcase:  Power Book Builder and Add-Ons

In this Product Showcase, Peter will demonstrate how Power Book Builder convert PowerPoint storyboards into ToolBook files in a matter of minutes. In addition, he will show how the ToolBookDeveloper Audio Player Widget and Pop-Up message box can be easily integrated into your PowerPoint storyboards for instant functionality upon Power Book conversion. Finally, after the conversion, he will enhance the converted ToolBook with some of his ToolBookDeveloper add-on products. In less than an hour, Peter will take a PowerPoint storyboard and turn it into a finished, professional looking interactive training program ready for native or web deployment. Showcase attendees will receive a special discount on ToolBookDeveloper products. For more information on ToolBookDeveloper products go to:

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